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Wall coverings and other components

Our product line is made entirely of Eastern white cedar, a noble species renowned for its beauty, fragrance and durability. Our wall coverings, fence and patio parts, furniture and custom components offer a unique touch to both rustic and contemporary decors.

Choose our indoor and outdoor furniture

Under our trademark Cedar Looks, we craft rustic wood furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Furnish your interior. Decorate your terrace. Bring our furniture down to the lake at the cottage. Relax in style without compromising comfort. Our exclusive sanding process guarantees an enjoyable, smooth surface on every item of furniture.

Delimit your property boundaries with our fencing

Under our Cedar First brand, we offer a comprehensive collection of fence components for the home, cottage and garden. Posts, poles, stakes and planks made from white cedar. We pride ourselves of making solid and resistant products. Say goodbye to maintenance and hello to beautifully delineated homes!

Opt for our wall coverings and patio components

Our Cedar Wall brand offers stunning white cedar paneling and patio siding for all your construction and renovation projects. Our 100% cedar products are weather resistant and low maintenance, the ideal choice for your home or commercial sites. Match them to any decor style!


Send us your special requests

Do you have a specific project in mind that requires Eastern white cedar? Are you looking to add the warmth and elegance of wood elements to a modern construction? We are eager to help you bring your most creative ideas to life! Tell us about your plans.

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Our white cedar has carved a place for itself in the United States

At Mobilier Rustique, our Eastern white cedar products are easily recognized everywhere for their crisp aesthetics and durability. With our comprehensive, high-quality product line, we target wholesalers and retailers specializing in the sale of wood products, fence components, and furniture. We export mainly to the Northeastern United States as well as to several foreign countries.

From Beauce to the international stage, our white cedar cultivates our reputation!