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Strong values are our raw materials

At Mobilier Rustique, we share and nurture strong values to build lasting relationships.


Our white cedar products are of exceptional quality. Our exchanges and relationships are too.


We invest time and money. We are continuously improving.


Our employees are loyal and trustworthy. We are all committed to our clients and suppliers.

Continuous growth and innovation

At Mobilier Rustique, our success is built on a solid foundation of over 50 years of experience and a well-planned expansion. From the start, we have done everything possible to stand out and ensure our growth.

Our machinery park is up to date. In addition, we have invest X million dollars every year to improve the quality of our white cedar products and our working conditions.

We ensure the continuous evolution of our processes by hiring new, highly competent human resources.

Today, we are proud to operate an Eastern white cedar sawmill using state-of-the-art, innovative production methods in our facilities spanning several buildings over 125,000 square feet.



A story of passion spanning generations

From our beginnings in the lumberyards of Saint-Martin in Beauce (Quebec) to gaining international expertise in the manufacturing of white cedar wall coverings and fencing components, our pride lies in the same roots as it did over 50 years ago: our family.


The company was founded by Hormisdas Quirion and Camil Rancourt.


Paul-Henri Quirion (Hormisdas Quirion’s son) purchased the shares, becoming co-owner with Camil.


The debarker department was built, and the factory was extended to serve the fencing market.


The glider department was built.


The mill was built.


Jean-François Rancourt (3rd generation owner of Mobilier Rustique) and Serge-Paul Quirion buy the shares from Paul-Henri and Camil and become the company’s new owners.

We harvest the best resources

Jean-François Rancourt

President and CEO

« What you see is what you get! »

Serge-Paul Quirion

Vice President and Purchasing Director

« Anything worth doing is worth doing well. »

Éric Doyon

Director of Operations

« Through a diplomatic and enthusiastic approach, I give team members the tools they need to help them reach their full potential. »

Daniel Gagnon

Special projects manager

« Always there when it counts. »

Annick Poulin

Sales Assistant; Billing and Customs Clerk

« I am a cheerful and passionate person. I enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals and to work with a professional and dynamic team in a company in constant evolution. »

Diane Pruneau

Receptionist and Sales Assistant

« I am happy to help you whenever I can! I am a positive and cheerful person, always attentive to your needs. »

Francine Quirion

Billing and Customs Clerk

« Perseverance, meticulousness and quality work are part of my mantra. This approach allows me to listen attentively to my clients and to provide the best service possible. »

Kathy Cyr

Administrative Technician and Payroll Clerk

« I care about a job well done. I am organized and meticulous in everything I do. »

Maryse Roy

Senior Account Manager

« For 20 years, I’ve been passionate about my work. I love challenges and teamwork. Meeting our clients’ needs is my priority. »

Sylvie Poulin

Invoicing Clerk (Raw Materials and Finished Products)

« 26 years of service to wood manufacturers! A lifelong nature lover and a devoted worker, these two sides of my personality have come together to help me develop the qualities and skills required to exceed your expectations. If you produce cedar and have questions about milling lumber, get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. »

Mathieu Cloutier

Human Resources Coordinator

« HR for respect and harmony. As an energetic young man and a fine communicator, I am committed to doing everything in my power to create and maintain a pleasant work environment for everyone. »

Céline Lachance

Financial Controller

« My priority is to surpass myself for quality work! »

Are you a cedar log producer?

We buy your logs

We are constantly on the lookout for 100% private, Canadian and American Eastern white cedar producers. If you follow ecological harvesting procedures and a rigorous stacking method, we want to buy your logs to maintain our production rate!

Sell your cedar logs